VF Strawberry (Customer 1st Choice)


Strawberry fans, rejoice! Enjoy snacking on whole chunk of strawberry. While they’re tasty enough on their own, you can also dunk them to your cereal, salad, ice cream or even yogurt.

Vacuum freeze technology as the name indicates is a method of cooking where the eatable is being cook in vacuum or near-vacuum condition. The method occurs in a low pressure, therefore the vegetable or the fruit can be cooked at a lower temperature as compared to those snacks fried in normal pressure.


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  • Country of Origin : Taiwan/China
  • Net weight for Grande : 120gm – 130gm
  • Net weight for Venti : 180gm – 200gm

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120gm – 130gm (Grande), 180gm – 200gm (Venti)

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